Alveo X3522 User Guide (UG1523)

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The X3522 uses a new net driver named xilinx_efct. It also requires the auxiliary bus driver which is used for connectivity between the net driver and application libraries, such as Onload and TCPDirect.

The xilinx_efct and auxiliary bus drivers can both be downloaded from the product website (see Product Website). The auxiliary bus driver is also provided by some recent Linux distributions.

Onload continues to supply the sfc driver used by predecessors of the X3522, but it does not supply the xilinx_efct and auxiliary bus drivers . Likewise, Onload scripts and tools continue to interact with the sfc driver, but do not interact with the xilinx_efct and auxiliary bus drivers.

Drivers must be built and loaded in the following order:

  1. Auxiliary bus driver.
  2. xilinx_efct net driver.
  3. Onload and sfc driver.

and must be unloaded in the reverse order.

So, to reload the auxiliary bus, xilinx_efct and Onload drivers:

# onload_tool unload --onload-only
# modprobe -r xilinx_efct
# modprobe -r auxiliary
# modprobe auxiliary
# modprobe xilinx_efct
# onload_tool reload --onload-only
Note: If you are also using the sfc driver, omit the --onload-only flag.