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Alveo X3522 User Guide (UG1523)

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The FPGA flash is programmed using .update files:
  • You can update the entire FPGA:
    • The .update file contains multiple component images.
    • The file is known as a bundle.
    • The images in a bundle are tested together, and are known to work with each other.
  • You can change the behavior of the X3522:
    • The .update file contains an image of user configuration settings.
    • All currently available configurations are supplied in a single package.
    Each configuration can:
    • Change the configuration of the interfaces on the X3522.
    • Set whether the UEFI expansion ROM is enabled.
The .update file(s) are supplied in an RPM or DEB package, that installs the files beneath the /lib/firmware directory. This is the conventional Linux location for storing such files:
  • The .update files for X3522 adapters are installed in the xilinx/x3 subdirectory.
  • The .update filenames include a version number, for example:
  • A soft link is also created without a version number. This refers to the most recently installed version of a .update file. For example: