Conflicting Constraints - 2024.1 English

Vitis HLS Messaging (UG1448)

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2024.1 English


Warning: [200-927] Ignore complete array reshape directive on '%s' in dimension %s: conflict with memory core assignment directive.
This message reports that the tool is ignoring the array partition directive because of conflicting pragmas.


Conflicting pragmas in the user code is causing the array partition constraint to be ignored.

Review the pragmas and remove either one of them. The following code sample could lead to this warning:

void cnn( long *pixel, // Input pixel
  int *weights, // Input Weight Matrix
  long *out, // Output pixel
  ... // Other input or Output ports
int A[256];
#pragma HLS RESOURCE variable=A core=BRAM_T2P latency=3
#pragma HLS ARRAY_RESHAPE variable=A complete dim=1