Alveo U30 Data Center Accelerator Card Installation Guide (UG1425)

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The following table lists potential issues, causes, and fixes related to card installation.

Table 1. Card Troubleshooting
Issue Potential Cause Fix
Card not found. Card not correctly installed. Reinstall the card following the installation instructions. Check if the card shows up by typing the following Linux command: lspci -vd 10ee:
Card not compatible with server. Use qualified server. For system capabilities, see Alveo U30 Data Center Accelerator Cards Data Sheet (DS970).
lspci no longer recognizes the card. Card is overheating.

Ensure that operating ambient conditions do not exceed specifications and passive cards are in a system that provides adequate airflow. For more information about airflow requirements, see Alveo U30 Data Center Accelerator Cards Data Sheet (DS970).

Only two devices are seen with lspci. Bifurcation not enabled. Enable bifurcation. See the manufacturer specification for more information.