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The Vitis Unified IDE supports Python APIs to create and build a system project. After creating platform component and application component, the system project is created. The application components then can be added to the system project and built. Host components can also be built individually. However, when system project build is triggered using Python APIs, it builds all the components associated and the system.

Table 1. Python APIs: System Project
Python API Description Python API Example
create_sys_project Creates a system project for the given template. 1 proj = client.create_sys_project(name='system_project', platform=<platform_path>)
add_component Adds the specified component to the given system project

proj.add_component(name='aie_component', container_name=['system_prj_lab1'])

proj.add_component(name='hls_component', container_name=['system_prj_lab1'])

build Initiates the build of a system project for the given build target.'hw')
  1. Accelerated flows are not supported for Embedded installer.

The Python script to create a system project and build for target=Hardware to export Vitis metadata archive can be seen as:

# Add package: Vitis Python CLI
import vitis

# Create a Vitis client object
client = vitis.create_client()

# Set Vitis Workspace

# Defining names for platform, application_component and e
# Create and build platform component for vck190 for standalone_psv_cortexa72
platform_obj=client.create_platform_component(name=plat_name, hw_design="vck190", cpu="psv_cortexa72_0", os="standalone")

# This returns the platform xpfm path

# Create and build application component
comp = client.create_app_component(name=comp_name, platform = platform_xpfm, domain = "standalone_psv_cortexa72_0", template = "hello_world")

# Create system project
sys_proj = client.create_sys_project(name="system_project", platform=platform_xpfm, template="empty_accelerated_application")
# Add application component to the system project
sys_proj_comp = sys_proj.add_component(name="hello_world")
# Build system project



Apart from the discussed examples, a few more Python command examples are provided in <VITIS_INSTALL_DIR>/2024.1/cli/examples.

Note: Accelerated flows are not supported in embedded installer.

For more details of all Vitis supported Python APIs, refer to the link: <vitis_install_path>cli/api_docs/build/html/vitis.html