New Feature Preview - 2024.1 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2024.1 English

New features are introduced for you to explore in advance. These features are functional and have undergone preliminary testing; however, they might not address all potential use cases and might require further development before they can be universally implemented. Share your feedback and insight. You can view the new features by clicking Vitis > New Feature Preview. The following page and icon appears.

Figure 1. New feature preview

A funnel-shaped icon appears in the left view bar allowing you to access the new features. You can click on it to access new features and to view more information about the feature.

Disclaimer: The previewed features are currently in the early access phase. They are currently being development and might not be fully functional or stable. By accessing and using these features, you acknowledge and accept the following:

  • Limited functionality: Early access features might have limited functionality compared to fully released features. They can lack certain functions, have bugs, or experience performance issues. Be informed that your experience with these features might not be optimal.
  • Potential instability: Early access features are still being tested and refined. As a result, they are prone to crashes, errors, or unexpected behavior. Use these features with caution and understand that they might not always work as intended.
  • Feedback and improvements: Your feedback is crucial in improving early access features. AMD encourages you to report any issues, bugs, or suggestions you encounter while using these features. Your input helps AMD to enhance their performance and stability.
  • No guarantees: Early access features are provided on an "as-is" basis, without any warranties or guarantees of any kind, whether expressed or implied. AMD does not guarantee that these features are released in their current form or at all. AMD reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue these features without prior notice.
  • Use at your own risk: By using early access features, you understand and accept the risks involved. AMD shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or inconveniences arising from the use of these features.
Important: Carefully consider these factors before accessing and using early access features. Your participation in testing and providing feedback is greatly appreciated as it improves and shape these features for a better user experience.