Component Comparison Feature - 2024.1 English

Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2024.1 English

The Component Comparison tool allows users to compare a set of HLS components in terms of performance and utilization. Reports can be generated in tabular or graphical format. In addition, the report data can be exported in CSV format.

Compare Reports can be generated for HLS Components only and the components must exist in an opened Vitis unified software platform workspace. To use this feature, the HLS component(s) selected for comparison should have at least one of the following stages completed successfully:

  • C Synthesis
  • C/RTL Co-simulation
  • Implementation
Important: Only completed stage data will be available in the generated HLS Compare Report.

To generate a report, go to the VITIS COMPONENTS panel in the Vitis Unified IDE and with the mouse hover over any of the HLS components, select its "HLS Compare Reports" icon. The icon will become visible when you hover over it. Alternatively, go to View and then select HLS Compare Reports.

The HLS Compare Report panel will appear. Check the boxes of the desired components from the list of available HLS components. Finally, select 'Compare'.

An HLS Compare Report file in tabular format is generated and visible in the editor panel. Component information and metrics values are populated in tabular form for the completed stages of the selected HLS components.

  • To export the tabular data as a CSV formatted file, select the export (a cloud with a down arrow) icon in the upper right corner of the report. A Compare Reports Export CSV File panel will appear. Enter the file name and select Save.
  • To generate an HLS Compare Report in graphical format, from the tabular HLS Compare Report select the Graph Compare (a bar graph) icon in the upper right corner of the report.
  • To switch back to the tabular report, select the Table Compare (a spreadsheet) icon in the upper right corner of the report.