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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2024.1 English
The Vitis Unified IDE supports Python APIs to create the application component. An application component can be created only with platform=xpfm. fixed.xsa is not supported. Thus, if you have a hardware design file (fixed.xsa), create a platform component from fixed.xsa and use the platform component to create an application component.
Table 1. Python APIs: Application Component
Python API Description Python API Example
create_app_component Create an application component. app_comp = client.create_app_component(name ='app_comp', platform = <platform_path>, template = "empty")
set_app_config Set the value of the provided build setting. Values can be single value or a list of values. app_comp.set_app_config(key = 'USER_LINK_LIBRARIES', values = 'xrt_coreutil')
set_sysroot Set sysroot for the app component. app_comp.set_sysroot(<sysroot_dir_path>)
build Initiates the build of an application component."hw")

The Python script to create an application component and build for target=Hardware can be seen as:

# Add package: Vitis Python CLI
import vitis

# Create a Vitis client object -
client = vitis.create_client()

# Set Vitis Workspace

# Create an application component:
app_comp = client.create_app_component(name ='ps_comp', platform = <platform_path>, template = "empty")

# Import sources to the component
app_comp.import_files(from_loc = <app_src_path>, files = ['host.cpp', 'host.h','data.h'], dest_dir_in_cmp = 'src')

#Add the directives in the USERconfig.cmake file
app_comp.set_app_config(key = 'USER_LINK_LIBRARIES', values = 'xrt_coreutil')

# Setting sysroot

# Build Component"hw")
After building an application component, the output products are generated at:
workspace > app_component > build > hw