Basic Commands supported in Interactive mode - 2024.1 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2024.1 English
The following basic commands are used in the Vitis interactive mode:
Table 1. Commands supported in Vitis interactive mode
Commands Description Example
cd, pwd, ls Basic unix commands
Vitis [1]: <unix command>
edit Makes edits in the python file
Vitis [1]: edit <filename>.py
run Runs Python scripts
Vitis [1]: run <filename>.pyVitis [1]: run -t <filename>.py
Displays timing information at the end of run
source Runs Python script in batch mode
$ vitis -source <filename>.py
env Sets and lists environment variables Lists all env variables:
Vitis [1]: env

Gets the value of variable:

Vitis [1] env <var_name>

Sets the value of variable:

Vitis [1]: env XILINX_VITIS= <path>
history Prints input command history from the current session

Returns the command history with no line numbers.

Vitis [1]: history

Prints history with line numbers like 1, 2:

Vitis[1]: history -n 1-2
time Displays execution time, CPU time and wall clock times.
Vitis [1]: time client=vitisng.create_client()
clear Clears the session
Vitis [1]: clear
help() Gets help for Vitis commands
Vitis [1]: help(vitis)Vitis [1]: help(vitis.create_client())