USB JTAG Interface

KCU1500 Board User Guide (UG1260)

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[This Figure, callout 7, 8]

The KCU1500 board XCKU115 FPGA is the only component on the JTAG chain. JTAG configuration is available through a 2 mm JTAG header (J2), providing access by AMD download cables, such as the Platform Cable USB II and the Parallel Cable IV. JTAG configuration is allowed at any time regardless of the FPGA mode pin settings. JTAG initiated configuration takes priority over the configuration method selected through the FPGA mode pin M2 wired to DIP SW5 pin 7.

Alternate JTAG programming is available via the USB-to-JTAG bridge function provided by the FT2232H device (U65), in which a host computer accesses the KCU1500 board JTAG chain through a type-A (host side) to micro-B (KCU1500 board side J34) USB cable.

For more details about the FT2232H device, see the Future Technology Devices International Ltd. website [Ref 10].