Step 3: Install Board Drivers

KCU1500 Board User Guide (UG1260)

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The drivers for the card must be installed before it can be used to run SDx applications.

1.Go to the board deployment directory generated previously and run the installation script:

$ cd <xbinst-area>/xbinst

$ sudo ./ -f yes

The script performs the following:

°Compiles and installs the Linux kernel device drivers. The force option (-f yes) ensures that the previous drivers are removed first.

°Installs the firmware to the Linux firmware area.

°Installs the AMD installable client driver (ICD) to /etc/OpenCL/vendors. The OpenCL® ICD allows multiple implementations of OpenCL to co-exist on the same system. It allows applications to choose a platform from the list of installed platforms and dispatches OpenCL API calls to the underlying implementation.

°Generates a (Bash shell) or setup.csh (for csh/tcsh shells) to set up the run-time environment. To run applications, the setup script must be sourced before running any application on the target FPGA card, as follows:

$ source <xbinst-area>/

Note:   To generate only the setup scripts, use ./ -k no. The install script does not try to install the drivers so this can be run without sudo privileges.

This command must be run if the xbinst installation area is moved to another directory location because the setup scripts generated export environment variables that use absolute paths. Re-running the command ensures the scripts are updated accordingly.