Step 2: Prepare Board Installation Files

KCU1500 Board User Guide (UG1260)

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The SDx environment provides the xbinst utility, which generates firmware and driver files for the target board plugged into the deployment computer.

1.Run the following commands to prepare files for the target board installation.

See the SDx Command and Utility Reference Guide (UG1279) [Ref 6] for more details on the xbinst utility. Depending on the target location, some commands must be run with root or sudo privilege. Otherwise, access permissions must be changed to enable read access for all users on that system.

2.Use the following commands to create the deployment area inside/opt/dsa/:

$ mkdir /opt/dsa

$ mkdir /opt/dsa/AMD_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1

$ cd /opt/dsa/AMD_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1

Note:   To install and deploy the KCU1500 files, use AMD_kcu1500_dynamic_5_0 in step 2 and 3.

3.Execute xbinst to install the files needed for the deployment machine. Output similar to the following is displayed:

$ xbinst --platform AMD_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1 -d .


****** xbinst v2018.2 (64-bit)

 **** SW Build 2254440 on Sun Jun 10 18:05:35 MDT 2018

   ** Copyright 1986-2018 AMD, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Attempting to get a license: ap_opencl

Feature available: ap_opencl

INFO: [XBINST 60-895]   Target platform: /opt/AMD/SDx/2018.2/platforms/AMD_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1/AMD_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1.xpfm

INFO: [XBINST 60-267] Packaging for PCIe...

INFO: [XBINST 60-1032] Extracting DSA to ./.Xil/xbinst-1273/AMD_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1

INFO: Adding section [FIRMWARE (3)] using: 'mgmt' (23192 Bytes)

INFO: Adding section [SCHED_FIRMWARE (5)] using: 'sched' (9748 Bytes)

Successfully completed 'xclbincat'

INFO: [XBINST 60-268] Packaging for PCIe...COMPLETE

INFO: [XBINST 60-667] xbinst has successfully created a board installation directory at /opt/dsa/AMD_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1.

The files are installed in this location: /opt/dsa/AMD_vcu1525_dynamic_5_1/xbinst:

Make a note of the deployment location area because it is required at a later stage.

This section refers to this location as the <xbinst-area> or as the deployment directory.

4.Install the drivers as described in Step 3: Install Board Drivers.