SYSMON Power System Measurement

KCU1500 Board User Guide (UG1260)

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The ZCU1500 board SYSMON interface includes additional power system voltage and current measuring capability. The MGTAVCC_FPGA and MGTAVTT_FPGA voltages sensed at the FPGA power pins are each scaled through a resistor attenuator network and the resulting scaled voltage is connected to XCKU115 FPAG U1 bank 65 SYSMON channel AD0 and AD8, respectively.

VCC1V8_FPGA, VCC1V2_FPGA, and MGTAVTT_FPGA rail load current measurements are available through an external Analog Devices ADG707BRU multiplexer U18. Each rail has a TI INA333 operational amplifier strapped across its series current sense resistor Kelvin terminals. This operational amplifier has its gain adjusted to give approximately 1V at the expected full scale current value for the rail.

This Figure shows a simplified SYSMON external multiplexer diagram.

Figure 3-10:      Simplified Power Measurement Diagram

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