Debugging the Installation

KCU1500 Board User Guide (UG1260)

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This section covers debugging and troubleshooting. For software support and related software debug techniques, see the SDx Command and Utility Reference Guide (UG1279) [Ref 6]. For more information, see Answer Record  43745.

This section lists the commands used to query and investigate different scenarios such as:

A sanity check needs to be performed on a new board.

The host application is abruptly interrupted and the board or the driver is in a stale or unknown mode.

The deployment machine needs to be rebooted to set everything back to a working state.

The commands in this section are used for debugging. The first two commands are SDAccel board utility tools that are further detailed in the SDx Command and Utility Reference Guide (UG1279) [Ref 6]. The other commands are Linux command line tools: lspci and dmesg.

The utilities for the board installation tool are:

xbsak xbinst

Two common scenarios that require debugging are:

A new board is not showing as an SDAccel device using the lspci command, which indicates that the board is probably not programmed. The board’s firmware needs to be installed as listed in the installation directory. After the firmware is installed, a sanity check can be performed before using the application.

A working board is not behaving properly after an accelerator function design was running on the board. In this case, an OS or driver issue needs to be resolved.