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KCU1500 Board User Guide (UG1260)

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The KCU1500 data center board features are listed in this section. Detailed information for each feature is provided in Board Component Descriptions.

Kintex UltraScale XCKU115-2FLVB2104E FPGA

Memory (four independent single-rank DDR4 interfaces)

°16 GB DDR4 memory

-3x DDR4 4GB, 2400MT/s, 64-bit w/ ECC

-1x DDR4 4GB, 2400MT/s, 64-bit w/ no ECC

Configuration options

°Dual 512 Mb Quad SPI flash memory (1 Gb total)

°Micro-B USB J34 JTAG configuration port (FT2232 U65 bridge)

°Platform cable header J2 JTAG configuration port

64 GTH transceivers (16 Quads)

°16-lane PCI Express® (16 GTH transceivers)

°2xQSFP28 connectors (40 Gb Ethernet ports) (Eight GTH transceivers)

°40 GTH not used

Clock sources

°2xSI5335A quad clock generator

°Si570 I2C programmable LVDS clock generator

USB-to-UART FT2232 bridge with micro-B USB connector

PCIe endpoint connectivity

°Gen1, 2, or 3 x8

°Gen1, 2, or 3 x16 bifurcated into two x8

I2C bus

Status LEDs

User I/O

Program_B pushbutton

Power management with PMBus voltage monitoring through Maxim power controllers and GUI