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Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU106 Video Codec Unit Targeted Reference Design User Guide (UG1250)

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2023.1 English

Common Configuration: Starting point of a common configuration

Num Of Input: Provides the number of inputs. Ranges from 1 to 8

Output: Selects the video display interface

° Options: HDMI, SDI, or DP

Out Type:

° Options: display, record and stream

Display Rate: Pipeline frame rate

° Options: 30 or 60

Exit: Tells the application that common configuration is finished

Input Configuration: Starting point of input configuration

Input Num: Starting n th input configuration

° Options: 1–8

Input Type: Input source type

° Options: TPG, HDMI, HDMI_2, HDMI_3, HDMI_4, HDMI_5, HDMI_6, HDMI_7, MIPI, File, SDI, Stream

Accelerator Flag: Enables/disables the AMD Vitis tool accelerator. For this release, the accelerator works as a bypass filter.

° Options: True, False

Enable SCD Flag: Enables/disables the SCD plugin before encoding

Options: True, False

Uri: File path or Network URL. Applicable for file playback and stream-in pipeline only. Supported file formats for playback are ts, mp4, and mkv.

° Options:

- file:///media/usb/abc.mp4 (for file path)

- udp: // (for network streaming)

- Here is the IP address and 5004 is the port number

Raw: Tells the pipeline to run the raw or processed pipeline

Options: True, False

° Width: Width of the live source

° Options: 4096, 3840, 1920

Height: Height of the live source

° Options: 2160, 1080

Accelerator Flag: Enables/disables the Vitis tool accelerator. For this release, the accelerator functions as a bypass filter.

° Options: True, False

Note: This design module is only available for versions up to, and including 2019.1.

Format: Format of input data

° Options: NV12, NV16, XV15, XV20, YU24, X403

Enable LLP2: Enable or disable LLP2 pipeline

° Options: True, False

Exit: Tells the application when input configuration is finished

Encoder Configuration: Starting point of encoder configuration

Encoder Num: Starting n th encoder configuration

° Options: 1–8

Encoder Name: Name of encoder

° Options: AVC, HEVC

Profile: Name of profile. The default filter is high for AVC and main for HEVC.

° Options: Baseline, main, or high for AVC. Main for HEVC

Rate Control: Rate control options

° Options: CBR, VBR, and Low_Latency

Filler Data: Filler data NAL units for CBR rate control

° Options: True, False

QP: The QP control mode is used by the VCU encoder

° Options: Uniform or Auto

L2 Cache: Enable or disable the L2 Cache buffer in the encoding process

° Options: True, False

Latency Mode: Encoder latency mode

° Options: normal, sub_frame

Low Bandwidth: If enabled, decreases the vertical search range used for P-frame motion estimation to reduce the bandwidth

° Options: True, False

GoP Mode: Group of Pictures mode

° Options: Basic, low_delay_p, low_delay_b

Bitrate: Target bit rate in Kbps

° Options: 1–60000

B frames: Number of B frames between two consecutive P frames

° Options: 0–4

Slice: Number of slices produced for each frame. Each slice contains one or more complete macroblock/coding tree unit (CTU) row(s). Slices are distributed over the frame as regularly as possible. If slice size is defined as well, more slices can be produced to fit the slice size requirement. The default slice value is 8.

° Options:

- 4–22 4Kp resolution with HEVC

- 4–32 4Kp resolution with AVC

- 4–32 1080p resolution with HEVC

- 4–32 1080p resolution with AVC

GoP Length: Distance between two consecutive I frames

° Options: 1-1000

GDR Mode: Gradual decoder refresh mode

° Options: Horizontal, Vertical, Disabled

Note: GDR mode is currently supported with LLP1 and LLP2 low-delay-p use-cases only.

Entropy Mode: Entropy mode for H.264 (AVC) encoding process

° Options: CAVLC, CABAC, Default

Max Picture Size: Max Picture Size for frame when CBR/VBR rate-control is used to limit instantaneous peak in the bit-stream.

° Options: TRUE or FALSE

HLG_SDR_Compatible: Specifies whether the VCU uses HLG Only mode or Backward-Compatible-Mode for HLG. If TRUE, Backward-Compatible mode is used. By default, HLG Only mode is used.

° Options: TRUE or FALSE



Exit: Tells the application encoder that encoder configuration is finished

Record Configuration: Starting point of a record configuration

Record Num: Starting n th record configuration

Options: 1–8

Out File Name: Record file path

° Options: /media/usb/abc.ts

Duration: Duration in minutes

° Options: 1–3

Exit: Tells the application that record configuration is finished

Streaming Configuration: Starting point of streaming configuration

Streaming Num: Starting n th streaming configuration

° Options: 1–8

Host IP: The host to send the packets to


Port: The port to send the packets to

° Options: 1024–65534

Note: Refer to the LLP2 NV12 Audio wiki page to see how Audio and Video port values are assigned for LLP1/LLP2 audio and video rtp stream-out pipelines.

Exit: Tells the application that streaming configuration is finished

Audio Configuration: Starting point of audio configuration

Audio Enable: Enable or disable audio in the pipeline

° Options: True, False

Audio Format: Format of the audio

° Options: S24_32LE

Sampling Rate: Sets audio sampling rate

° Options: 48000

Num of Channel: Number of audio channels

° Options: 2

Note: The application currently only supports 2-channel audio, However the PL DDR SDI design provides 8-channel audio support. Refer to the PL DDR SDI wiki page for 8-channel audio GStreamer pipelines.

Volume: Sets the volume level

° Options: 0.0-10.0

Source: Required audio source

° Options: HDMI, SDI and I2S

Renderer: Required audio sink

Options: HDMI, SDI I2S and DP

Exit: Indicates to the application that audio configuration is finished

Trace Configuration: Starting point of trace configuration

FPS Info: Displays fps info on the console

° Options: True, False

APM Info: Displays the apm counter number on the console

° Options: True, False

Pipeline Info: Displays pipeline info on the console

° Options: True, False

Exit: Tells the application that trace configuration is finished