petalinux-create project Options - 2024.1 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2024.1 English

The following table details options used when creating a project. These options are mutually exclusive, and one of them must be used when creating a new project.

Table 1. petalinux-create project Options
Option Functional Description Value Range Default Value
--template TEMPLATE Assumes the specified CPU architecture, and is only required when --source is not provided.
  • microblaze
  • zynqMP
  • zynq
  • versal
-s,--source SOURCE Creates project based on specified BSP file. SOURCE is the full path on disk to the BSP file. This is optional. User-specified None
--tmpdir TMPDIR

Specify the local drive path as TMPDIR location when creating project.

Default TMPDIR cannot be under NFS. By default.

PetaLinux sets the TMPDIR under /tmp when project is on NFS.

You can set your own local drive as TMPDIR PATH using --tmpdir option.

User-specified None
Note: For AMD boards, the -s, --source BSP flows are suggested. For custom boards, the --template flow is required.