Deprecated BSP Support - 2024.1 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2024.1 English

This section elaborates on migrating the existing BSP to develop the deprecated BSP and creating a BSP hardware design. The following are the BSPs are deprecated from 2024.1 and onward releases.

  • Zynq
    • xilinx-zc706
  • ZynqMP
    • xilinx-zcu111
  • Versal
    • xilinx-vmk180-emmc
    • xilinx-vmk180-opsi
  • MicroBlaze
    • xilinx-kc705
    • xilinx-kcu105
    • xilinx-ac701
    • xilinx-vcu118
  • BSP hardware designs are created using the Vivado board files and configurable example design(CED).
  • Step to migrate the existing BSP to support the deprecated BSPs are outlined in every BSP "README" file in section "Steps to migrate BSP < BSP name>". User should extract the existing BSP to follow migration steps from README file
    Table 1. Deprecated BSP to Existing BSP Mapping
    Deprecated BSP Exiting BSP to be used
    xilinx-zc706 xilinx-zc701
    xilinx-zcu111 xilinx-zcu208
    xilinx-vmk180-emmc xilinx-vmk180
    xilinx-vmk180-opsi xilinx-vmk180
    xilinx-kc705 xilinx-sp701
    xilinx-kcu105 xilinx-sp701
    xilinx-ac701 xilinx-sp701
    xilinx-vcu118 xilinx-sp701
  • YOCTO_MACHINE and YOCTO_INCLUDE_MACHINE for all the deprecated are mentioned in the section Machine Support