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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Creating and Packaging Custom IP (UG1118)

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2024.1 English

The Review and Package section, shown in the following figure, provides a summary of the IP and information about the settings you selected after packaging.

The IP is initially packaged at the end of the Create and Package New IP wizard. If any changes occur to any of the packaging steps of the custom IP, the custom IP must be repackaged for the changes to go into effect.

Figure 1. Package IP Window: Review and Package Page

The summary information is the identification data of the custom IP from the Identification section. To change the information, make the modifications in the Identification section, as described in Identification.

The After Packaging section contains information about the Vivado IDE actions after packaging is complete.

The information that describes how the packager behaves is based on the IP packager Settings, described in Using the Packager Settings. They are as follows:

Archive Information
Select whether an archive of the IP is going to be created.
Repository Information
The location of the IP for the Vivado repository manager.

In the IP Project Settings, you have an option of creating an archive of the custom IP definition. By default, the custom IP is generated at the IP root directory in which the source files are referenced relatively from the IP root directory location, if possible.

When an archive is created, the Vivado IDE compresses all the relatively referenced files into a single archive file. This archive file can be used in a Vivado repository by using the single archive file or extracting the archive file in a desired repository location.

After the IP is packaged, the custom IP is available in the IP catalog of the current Vivado project. The Vivado IDE automatically adds the IP root directory of the custom IP to the Repository Manager in the IP Project Settings. The IP root directory is the location of custom IP definition and the location required to add to the Repository Manager of other Vivado projects that require the custom IP.