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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Creating and Packaging Custom IP (UG1118)

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2024.1 English

The File Groups page, shown in the following figure, provides a listing of files of your custom IP.

Figure 1. Package IP Window: File Groups Page

Each file is grouped into specific groups that define the behavior of the file and its use.

When you run the Create and Package New IP wizard, the file locations in the file groups are initially determined by the wizard either by using the file sets of the project, or by heuristically determining the information from the directory structure of the IP source files.

After you place the files in file groups, you can adjust each file or group based on the custom IP requirements.

Two sections separate files into different file groups:

Standard File Groups describes the Standard file groups. For many custom IP, the Standard file group list contains the necessary groups required for packaging an IP for reuse.
Advanced File Groups describes the Advanced file groups. The Advanced file group list contains additional advanced features available for your custom IP.

Different functions categorize the file groups. The groups are collapsed at the name of the file group followed by a number in parenthesis, which corresponds to the total number of files in the group. Expand the file group to expose the list of associated files within the group.

The expanded File Groups page shows an expanded list of files for the Synthesis file group as illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 2. File Group List Expansion

The following properties in the column list are associated with the files of the file group:

File name within the hierarchy tree.
Library Name
Determines the library name used by Vivado synthesis or simulation.
Type of the file in the file group (for example, Verilog Source, XDC, or Tcl Source).
Note: When used with a Verilog Header file, set the results in the file_type property to verilogSource.
Is Include
Mark the file as an include file.
File Group Name
The file property to determine to which file group the file is associated. This property is read-only.
Model Name
Top-level design name. The Model Name is a required property and applies directly to the file group. This value is set for any synthesis, simulation, or implementation files.