Editing a Packaged Block Design - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Creating and Packaging Custom IP (UG1118)

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2024.1 English

When packaging a block design (BD), the IP definition contains the files associated with the block design, and the diagram is maintained when you are archiving the packaged BD; otherwise the diagram for the BD is not maintained. When you are not archiving the packaged BD, only the HDL wrapper files which represent the diagram are included in the IP definition along with the associated IPs that were used within the BD.

Important: Because the diagram of the block design is not maintained without using the Archive feature, it is not recommended to modify the packaged Block Design through the Edit in IP Packager flow. When opening an unarchived packaged block design in the Edit in IP Packager flow, the project is not recognizable compared to the original source block design.
Note: If Include source project archive option is enabled in the IP Project Settings, you need to re-package the Block Design. See Re-Packaging IP. This overrides the existing IP Archive project and add the source files along with the IP and Block Design.

The modifications required in this unarchived state are, as follows:

  1. Add the newly required IP or edit one of the existing IPs similar to a standard RTL project.
  2. Manually edit the top-level wrapper file to connect and instantiate any additional or edited IP.

To modify an unarchived packaged block design (BD), follow the recommended method:

  1. Add the original BD source into a new Vivado project or use the original Vivado project that contained the BD source.
  2. Open the BD and make any necessary modifications.
  3. Package the BD following the instructions in Using the Create and Package New IP Wizard.
  4. Return to the Vivado project that uses the custom IP and upgrade the IP to the latest version.
    Important: To avoid errors when elaborating a BD that was packaged as an IP, name the BD something other than the default name. If the packaged BD uses the default name, and if you were to use this in a project and add it to a BD with which also uses the default name (or any name that matches), the project fails synthesis.

When packaging the BD after the modifications, it is important to use the same vendor, library, and name as for the previous IP VLNV. If the same information is not used, the upgrade process is not available for the modified custom IP. For more information about versioning, see Versioning and Revision Control.