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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Creating and Packaging Custom IP (UG1118)

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2024.1 English

The set of common rights is defined in the following table, with a description of the default value, valid values as defined by the IEEE specification, and valid values as accepted by the Vivado tools. The term delegated means that the IP author is delegating an access right to the tools to do what is needed to process the IP.

Rights must evaluate to the AMD valid values under all circumstances. Evaluation to non-supported values causes the tool to stop processing the encrypted data.

Table 1. Common Rights
Name Purpose Default Value Valid Values 2 AMD Valid Values
error_handling What is the tool allowed to show in Error messages? "delegated" 1 "delegated" 1 "delegated" 1
runtime_visibility What is tool allowed to show during display, tcl, or output reports? "delegated" 1 "delegated" 1 "delegated" 1
child_visibility If a protected module instantiates an unprotected child, how should error_handling and runtime_visibility be handled on that child? Displayed messages could expose path-names through protected regions. "delegated" 1 "delegated" 1 "delegated" 1
"denied" "allowed"
decryption Is the tool even allowed to decrypt the module? This is often used in conditional rights. "delegated" 1 "delegated" 1 "delegated" 1
"true" "true"
"false" "false"
  1. "delegated" = "true"
  2. Valid values are case sensitive, and must be specified as shown.
  3. The behavior of Vivado tools can vary for delegated access rights. See the table in Understanding How Rights Affect Vivado Tools for more information.