Vivado Board Flow

Kria KD240 Drive Starter Kit User Guide (UG1093)

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The K24LTD SOM is enabled in the Vivado Design Suite through the Vivado Board Flow functionality. Vivado Board Flow enables a level of hardware abstraction that automatically configures peripherals fixed on the SOM card (e.g., LPDDR4), defines associated timing constraints, and presents the customizable physical I/O available on the SOM connector(s).

The Vivado SOM board model is available through the Vivado installation process as well as on the Vivado board file GitHub repository. The following KD240 related Vivado board files are available:

KD240 Starter Kit
Configured K24 SOM with Drive Starter Kit companion card
K24 commercial grade production SOM containing eMMC
K24 industrial grade production SOM containing eMMC and DDR ECC

The AMD SOM board flow infrastructure provides starter kit carrier card awareness through the Vivado tools companion card mechanism. Automation for I/O connection and peripheral IP configuration when selecting a SOM and an associated carrier card, such as the KD240 Starter Kit, is used to create a hardware configuration.

For additional information on using the Vivado tools and the Vivado board flow, refer to the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: System-Level Design Entry (UG895).