Primary Boot Device

Kria KD240 Drive Starter Kit User Guide (UG1093)

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The primary boot device is a QSPI device located on the SOM. The necessary elements are packaged in an AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoC specific format and file captured as BOOT.BIN. The BOOT.BIN file contains the board-specific boot firmware that consists of the following elements:

First-stage boot-loader firmware
Platform management unit firmware
Arm® trusted firmware
Second-stage boot loader

U-Boot provides the functionality for the hand-off between the primary boot device and the secondary boot device. It searches through a U-Boot defined prioritized list of secondary boot devices with priority given to the SD card interface.

The primary boot device provides a redundant copy of boot firmware arranged in an A/B configuration. The A/B configuration provides a dynamic primary and secondary image operation with corresponding update mechanisms. On boot, the system automatically boots from the defined primary image, and, if boot fails, it falls back to the previously known good boot image.