Supported Video Formats

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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The This Figure to This Figure show the supported video formats. The data on the left side is from the memory and pixel unpacker formats the data as pixel data (as is shown in the right side). The buffers are 128-bit organized. These figures show how the pixels are mapped in the lower 8-bytes (0 to 63). The mapping of the upper 8-bytes is the same as the lower bytes. The interface between the A/V buffer manager and the video blender is 48 bits. It supports 16 bits/component. The video path works on 12 bits/component, the extra bits are dead bits.

Figure 33-6:      RBG Video Format

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Figure 33-7:      Interleaved RBG Video Format

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Figure 33-8:      RGB444 Video Format

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Figure 33-9:      BPP Video Format

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Figure 33-10:      YUV Video Format

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