Simple DMA Mode

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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Simple DMA mode is also known as single-command mode because the DMA performs a data transfer upon receiving a command in a single command manner. In simple DMA mode, the DMA transfer parameters are specified in the control registers. The DMA channel uses these parameters to transfer the data from the SRC to the DST side. This is the single command mode where the DMA channel operation is done after finishing the transfer. Subsequent transfers require the following steps.

1.Update the control registers with new transaction parameters.

2.Enable the DMA channel.

The DMA channel only looks at the SRC size of the transaction. It is always assumed that the transaction size of the DST side is the same as the SRC side’s transaction size.

There are simple DMA sub-modes. The read-only and write-only modes are only supported. in simple DMA mode. Each channel can be programmed in one of following sub modes.

In the read-only mode, the DMA channel reads the data (register specified location) but does not write the data anywhere. This feature can be used to scrub the memory.

In the write-only mode, the DMA channel reads preloaded data from the control registers and writes it to memory. The DMA channel does not read data from a memory location. Software loads the source data into the registers that are used to write the DST locations. In write-only mode, both SRC and DST registers need to be configured.