Sensor Channel Tables

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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Table: PS SYSMON Sensor Channels and Table: PL SYSMON Sensor Channels characterize the register control for each of the channels in the PL and PS SYSMON units. The table headings are described here.

Channel Name and Description

The channel name with description refers to the temperature points and voltage nodes in the system.

Measurement, Minimum/Maximum, Alarm U/L Registers

The offset addresses for the measurement, minimum/maximum, and upper and lower alarm threshold registers are listed in three columns.

Sequence Channel, Low-rate, and Average Registers

This column refers to three functions that are supported by three sets of registers. Each channel can be individually selected for the normal or low-rate sequence. Each channel can optionally accumulate an average value instead of the last measurement. The control register names and offset addresses are listed in Table: Register Sets Overview.

Alarms, Interrupts, and Errors

The alarms are routed to the interrupt registers in the AMS register set. They are also OR'd together to generate the SYSMON IRQ signal to the RPU and APU GICs. Alarms are also routed to the PMU global registers as system errors.

Input Sampling Circuit Type

For most channels, the sampling circuit type is fixed (temperature or unipolar) and includes all PS SYSMON sensors.

The VP_VN and VAUX sensor channels in the PL SYSMON unit includes programmable input sampling circuits types and long acquisition time options.

Alternate Name

The alternate channel names appear in other documentation and in the standalone device drivers.