PS SYSMON Analog_Bus

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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The sensor channels {7:10} are routed through four multiplexers controlled by the PSSYSMON.ANALOG_BUS register. The sensor channels connect to the following voltage nodes.





The recommended value of the ANALOG_BUS register is 3210h; this value is assumed for the definition of these sensor channels in Table: PS SYSMON Sensor Channels and in other places. The register is programmed to 3201h by the PMU ROM pre-boot code and should be reprogrammed by the FSBL or other software code.

Note:   Once the value is reprogrammed by the FSBL it should be changed.


RECOMMENDED:   The ANALOG_BUS register should be set to 3210h in the FSBL code. If the recommended value is not used, the sensor channels {7:10} are remapped and might not be compatible with the system software.

The functionality of the ANALOG_BUS register is illustrated in This Figure.

Figure 9-2:      PS SYSMON Unit Sensor Channels {7:10}

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