PMU Programmable Interval Timers

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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2.4 English

The PMU includes four 32-bit programmable interval timers (PITs). The clock source to these timers is the fixed system oscillator (SysOsc) to the PMU. These are general-purpose timers for use as delay counters or event scheduling. The pre-scaler for the PITs can be configured through GPO0. The following are the possible pre-scaler choices for each PIT.

PIT0: No pre-scaler, use pre-scaler value from PIT1

PIT1: No pre-scaler

PIT2: No pre-scaler, correctable ECC error

PIT3: No pre-scaler

The timers are only accessible from the PMU firmware. The PMU processor’s I/O module driver provides an API for these resources.