Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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JTAG Chain:

Single JTAG chain: one, two, or all three TAP controllers.

Split JTAG chain: PS/PL TAP controllers and Arm DAP controller.

Triple redundant JTAG security controls.

PS TAP controller:

IDCODE access.

PL TAP and Arm DAP controller insertion.

PS error-code read out.

System JTAG controls.

PL TAP controller:


Legacy PL configuration.

Legacy PL debug (Vivado logic analyzer).

Arm DAP controller:

The DAP can be accessed directly in any non-secure boot mode. In secure boot mode, the DAP is not accessible unless trusted software enables the JTAG connection for the DAP controller.

Arm DAP requires the VCC_PSINTLP power supply.

Nonvolatile flash programming.

PS CoreSight debug architecture support.

PS eFUSE and BBRAM programming.

Access to AXI interconnect.


PSJTAG interface signal tamper detection.

Always secure from reset to boot header processing.

JTAG state machines:

Interfaces are compatible with the IEEE Std 1149 specification.

All states transition on the positive edge of TCK.

Interfaces are controlled by the TMS signal.

IDCODE instruction:

Indicates the type of device: device ID codes are listed in Table: Device ID Codes and Minimum Production Revisions.

Requires LPD to be powered up, but not the PLPD or FPD.

Always accessible regardless of security state.


Figure 39-1:      JTAG Chain Block Diagram

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