Average Measurements

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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Channels are individually enabled to either record the last sample, or an average of multiple samples using the SEQ_AVERAGE registers. The number of samples that are averaged are the same for all channels within a SYSMON unit that employs averaging. The average value is calculated using the last 16, 64, or 256 samples as programmed by the CONFIG_REG0 [averaging] bit field. Measurement averaging applies to full feature sensor channels (internal measurements) in both the PL and PS SYSMON units.

If a channel is selected for averaging, then its measurement register is first written when the sample count is reached for that channel, which could take 16, 64, or 256 samples of the channel. The subsequent values written to the measurement register are the average of the most recent 16, 64, or 256 samples.

When averaging is enabled, the end of sequence (EOS) event occurs after the sequencer has completed the selected number of samples. In the PL SYSMON unit, the EOS event is indicated by the assertion of the EOS signal. In the PS SYSMON unit, the EOS event sets the [eos] interrupt bit in the AMS.ISR_0 register.

When averaging is disabled, the EOS event occurs after the first pass of the sensor channels and the results are written to the measurement register and the minimum or maximum registers.