AXI Slave Port Security Features

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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The security level of the slave port is controlled from the TrustZone register configuration (fpd_slcr_secure.SLCR_SATA). A value of 1 in the [tz_en] bit means that the TrustZone function is enabled for the AXI slave port. When [tz_en] is set to 1, the TrustZone security for the slave port is determined by [tz_axis] bit. A value of 1 in [tz_axis] indicates TrustZone is enabled for the AHCI interface slave port. A value of 0 indicates TrustZone is disabled for the slave port.

If the AXI slave port is given a secure status by the security controller (source of the TrustZone bus) and an AXI access targets the slave port with a non-secure security level, an AXI slave error is reported and a maskable interrupt is signaled.