AV Buffer Manager Sequence

Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

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The following steps are to be followed in the same order, to initialize the AV buffer manager.

For video from buffer manager.

1.Program the video/graphics mode using the DP.AV_BUF_FORMAT register. This register applies only when using non-live modes.

2.Program the video clock source (0xB120).

3.Depending on the mode, enable the corresponding buffers in the below sequence (registers 0xB010 to 0xB024).

a.Flush the buffer.

b.Enable and program burst length.

4.Configure the AV buffer outputs (0xB070). This should only be done after channel enable (can be after any delay). This is because the register is gating planar and interleaved buffers for them all to start from the same VSYNC boundary. This applies to video planar buffers and does not apply to video+graphics buffer.

5.Program the scaling factors for the corresponding stream. For example, if the output from the buffer is live+graphics, program the live scaling factor (0xB218 to 0xB220) and the graphics scaling factor (0xB200 to 0xB208).

6.When changing the clock source on video/audio (register 0xB120), issue a soft reset (0xB124).

For audio from the buffer manager.

1.Update the ready interval for audio.

2.Enable the audio channel buffers.