Vector Iterators - 2024.1 English

AI Engine Kernel and Graph Programming Guide (UG1079)

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2024.1 English
Iterator begin_vector
A bidirectional vector iterator used to return an iterator pointing to the first vector sample of the container.
Iterator cbegin_vector
A bidirectional vector iterator that points to const content. it cannot be used to modify the contents it points to.
Iterator begin_vector_circular
Same as iterator begin_vector but is used for circular buffer port.
Iterator cbegin_circular
Same as iterator begin_vector_circular but points to ‘const’ content.
Iterator begin_vector_random_circular
Same as iterator begin_vector_circular and can be used to access samples at an arbitrary offset position relative to the sample they point to. The arbitrary offset is in unit of configured vector size.
Iterator cbegin_vector_random_circular
Same as iterator begin_vector_random_circular but cannot be used to modify the contents it points to.
Table 1. List of Supported Buffer Port Vector Iterators
Iterator API Description
auto begin_vector Random scalar iterator; not supported for circular buffer ports.
auto cbegin_vector Same as begin_vector but only for read access.
auto begin_vector_circular Forward scalar circular iterator.
auto cbegin_vector_circular Same as begin_vector_circular but only for read access.
auto begin_vector_random_circular Random scalar circular iterator.
auto cbegin_vector_random_circular Same as begin_vector_random_circular but only for read access.