Runtime Parameter Support Summary - 2024.1 English

AI Engine Kernel and Graph Programming Guide (UG1079)

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2024.1 English

This section summarizes the AI Engine runtime parameter (RTP) support status.

Table 1. AI Engine RTP Default and Support Status
AI Engine RTP

(from/to PS)

Input Output
Synchronous Asynchronous Synchronous Asynchronous
Scalar Default Supported Supported Default
Array Default Supported Supported Default

Code snippets for RTP connections from or to the PS:

connect<parameter>(fromPS,[0]); //Synchronous RTP, default for input
connect<parameter>(fromPS, sync([0])); //Synchronous RTP
connect<parameter>(fromPS, async([0])); //Asynchronous RTP
connect<parameter>(second.inout[0], toPS); //Asynchronous RTP, default for output
connect<parameter>(async(second.inout[0]), toPS); //Asynchronous RTP
connect<parameter>(sync(second.inout[0]), toPS); //Synchronous RTP