BSCAN Interface Signals - 1.0 English

Boundary Scan Switch LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG426)

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1.0 English

The following table describes the external BSCAN interface signals. The interface signals remain consistent whether they are s_bscan or m<n>_bscan , i.e., BSCAN slave input to the core, or BSCAN master output from the core.

Table 1. External BSCAN Interface Signals
Signal I/O Width Description
bscanid_en I 1 Enable input for BSCAN ID.
capture I 1 CAPTURE input from controller.
drck I 1 Gated TCK input.
reset I 1 Reset input from controller.
runtest I 1 Input asserted when TAP controller is in run Test/Idle state.
sel I 1 USER instruction active input.
shift I 1 SHIFT input from controller.
tck I 1 Test clock input.
tdi I 1 Test data input (TDI) input from controller.
tdo O 1 Test data output (TDO) output for USER function.
tms I 1 Test mode select input.
update I 1 UPDATE input from controller.