xdfe_nr_prach_v2_0_rcid_config - 2.0 English

RFSoC DFE PRACH LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG391)

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2.0 English
Field Name Type Description
enable xip_uint Set "1" if this RCID is enabled, else "0"
source_cc xdfe_nr_prach_v2_0_cc_locator The CCID and band from which this RCID will extract a PRACH capture.
nco xdfe_nr_prach_v2_0_nco The NCO settings to be used by this RCID for demodulation.
scs xip_uint The Sub Carrier spacing for the PRACH channel being captured by the RCID. Allowed values are: XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_1_25, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_3_75, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_5, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_7_5, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_15, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_30, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_60, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_120
decimation_rate xip_uint Decimation required to go from the base sample rate of 30.72 MHz to the RACH channel Rate. Decimation from the CCID sample rate to 30.72 MHz is already included based on the CCID sample rate. Allowed values are: XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_1X, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_2X, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_4X, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_8X, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_16X, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_3X, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_6X, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_12X, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATION_RATE_24X
decimation_gain_stg[6] xdfe_nr_prach_v2_0_decimation_gain Decimation Gain configuration. Array represents the six FIRs which exist inside the core. Gain can be applied to each FIR. Allowed values are: XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATOR_GAIN_0DB or XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATOR_GAIN_6DB for stages 0-4 and XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATOR_GAIN_0DB, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATOR_GAIN_6DB, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATOR_GAIN_12DB or XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_DECIMATOR_GAIN_18DB for stage 5.

The number of FIRs in use depends upon the decimation configuration. Filters are enabled in reverse order, so FIR stage 5 is always enabled for 2x or 3x decimation. As the decimation rate increases by a factor of 2, the preceding FIR is enabled. Gain values for unused FIRs are ignored.