xdfe_nr_prach_v2_0_cc_config - 2.0 English

RFSoC DFE PRACH LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG391)

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2.0 English
Field Name Type Description
sample_rate xip_uint Sample Rate of this CCID. Defined in multiples of 30.72 MHz, using: XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_CC_SAMPLE_RATE_30_72, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_CC_SAMPLE_RATE_61_44, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_CC_SAMPLE_RATE_122_88 or XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_CC_SAMPLE_RATE_245_76
scs xip_uint Sub carrier spacing of the CCID. Valid values are: XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_15, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_30, XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_60 or XDFE_NR_PRACH_V2_0_SCS_120
enable xip_uint Indicate if this CCID is enabled.