XDfePrach_TriggerCfg - 2.0 English

RFSoC DFE PRACH LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG391)

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2.0 English
All IP triggers.


typedef struct
  XDfePrach_Trigger Activate;
  XDfePrach_Trigger LowPower;
  XDfePrach_Trigger RachUpdate;
  XDfePrach_Trigger FrameInit[XDFEPRACH_BAND_ID_MAX];
} XDfePrach_TriggerCfg;
Table 1. Structure XDfePrach_TriggerCfg Member Description
Member Description
Activate Toggle between "Initialized", ultra-low power state, and "Operational".

One-shot trigger, disabled following a single event

LowPower Toggle between "Low-power" and "Operational" state.
RachUpdate Transition to next Rach/CC configuration.

Will initiate flush of Rach channel

FrameInit Indicate the boundary of a frame.