XDfePrach_NCO - 2.0 English

RFSoC DFE PRACH LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG391)

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2.0 English
NCO Config.


typedef struct
  u32 PhaseOffset;
  u32 PhaseAcc;
  u32 DualModCount;
  u32 DualModSel;
  s32 UserFreq;
  s32 Frequency;
  u32 FreqSingleModCount;
  u32 FreqDualModCount;
  u32 FreqPhaseOffset;
  u32 NcoGain;
} XDfePrach_NCO;
Table 1. Structure XDfePrach_NCO Member Description
Member Description
PhaseOffset [0-2^32-1] Phase offset value which can be applied to the NCO's phase accumulator
PhaseAcc [0-2^32-1] Initial Phase accumulator value, used to set the NCO phase accumualtor to a specific phase at startup
DualModCount [0-2^32-1] The phase accumulator allows for dual modulus accumulation to create fractional frequencies.

This field allows for initialisation of the dual mod count to a known value

DualModSel [0,1] Allows initialisation of the Dual mod select to a known value
UserFreq [-(2^23)-2^23] User defined frequency container
Frequency [0-2^32-1] Frequency control word (FCW)
FreqSingleModCount [0-2^32-1] Single modulus cycle count (S)
FreqDualModCount [0-2^32-1] Dual modulus cycle count (T-S)
FreqPhaseOffset [0-2^18-1] Phase offset
NcoGain [0-3] Scaling of NCO output (0=0dB, 1=-3dB, 2=-6dB, 3=-9dB)