XDfePrach_AddRCtoRCCfgDynamic - 2.0 English

RFSoC DFE PRACH LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG391)

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2.0 English

Adds a new RC entry to the RC_CONFIGURATION in dynamic mode.

RCId must be same as the physical channel RachChan on a band id = 0.

Note: This API must be executed only after all CC configuration are done with the API XDfePrach_AddCCtoCCCfg.


u32 XDfePrach_AddRCtoRCCfgDynamic(const XDfePrach *InstancePtr, XDfePrach_RCCfg *CurrentRCCfg, s32 CCID, u32 RCId, u32 RachChan, XDfePrach_CCCfg *NextCCCfg);


The following table lists the XDfePrach_AddRCtoRCCfgDynamic function arguments.

Table 1. XDfePrach_AddRCtoRCCfgDynamic Arguments
Type Member Description
const XDfePrach * InstancePtr Pointer to the PRACH instance.
XDfePrach_RCCfg * CurrentRCCfg Current RACH configuration container.
s32 CCID CC ID [0-15].
u32 RCId RC Id [0-15].
u32 RachChan RACH channel [0-15].
XDfePrach_CCCfg * NextCCCfg CC configuration container.


  • XST_SUCCESS on success
  • XST_FAILURE on failure