XDfePrach_AddCCtoCCCfg - 2.0 English

RFSoC DFE PRACH LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG391)

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2.0 English

Adds specified CCID, with specified configuration, to a local CC configuration structure on Band which Id = 0.

If there is insufficient capacity for the new CC the function will return an error. Initiates CC update (enable CCUpdate trigger TUSER Single Shot).

The returned CCCfg.Sequence is translated as there is no explicit indication that SEQUENCE[i] is not used - 0 can define the slot as either used or not used. Sequence data that is returned in the CCIDSequence is not the same as what is written in the registers. The translation is:

  • CCIDSequence.CCID[i] = -1 - if [i] is unused slot
  • CCIDSequence.CCID[i] = CCID - if [i] is used slot
  • a returned CCIDSequence->Length = length in register + 1


u32 XDfePrach_AddCCtoCCCfg(XDfePrach *InstancePtr, XDfePrach_CCCfg *CCCfg, s32 CCID, u32 CCSeqBitmap, const XDfePrach_CarrierCfg *CarrierCfg);


The following table lists the XDfePrach_AddCCtoCCCfg function arguments.

Table 1. XDfePrach_AddCCtoCCCfg Arguments
Type Member Description
XDfePrach * InstancePtr Pointer to the PRACH instance.
XDfePrach_CCCfg * CCCfg Component carrier (CC) configuration container.
s32 CCID CC ID [0-15].
u32 CCSeqBitmap CC slot position container.
const XDfePrach_CarrierCfg * CarrierCfg CC configuration container.


  • XST_SUCCESS if successful.
  • XST_FAILURE if error occurs.