Data Input Interface Ports, Band 1 - 2.0 English

RFSoC DFE PRACH LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG391)

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2.0 English
Port Name I/O Clock Description
s_axis_din1_tdata[2*IW*NL1-1:0] I s_axis_aclk Input sample data. Width is determined by the input sample width IW (16 for 16-bit samples and 24 for 18-bit samples) and the number of antenna lanes NL1 where NL1=(Number of Antenna in band 1)/(Antenna Interleave factor for band 1). The sample width applies to both I and Q components.
s_axis_din1_tvalid I s_axis_aclk Valid handshake signal for the data input channel. The upstream logic uses this to signal that it is providing data.
s_axis_din1_tready O s_axis_aclk Ready handshake signal for the data input channel. Signal remains high unless the core is in reset.
s_axis_din1_tid[7:0] I s_axis_aclk Transaction ID associated with the sample(s) on s_axis_din1_tdata. The lower four bits [3:0] indicate the antenna interleaving phase and the upper four bits [7:4] indicate the component carrier ID.
s_axis_din1_tlast I s_axis_aclk Last framing signal for the data input channel.

The core does not rely on this signal for operation.

s_axis_din1_tuser[UW1-1:0] I s_axis_aclk User-defined framing information. Choose the width of this field when the core is configured. Used for triggering configuration updates within the core and aligning PRACH processing to the radio frame structure.