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RFSoC DFE Fast Fourier Transform LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG390)

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1.0 English

The example design reads the reference input and output data from a number of files with the extension .dat. These files are stored in the imports subdirectory of the example design project directory. Each file contains one complex data sample (I + Q) per line, in both hexadecimal fixed-point and decimal notations. The decimal data is ignored by the example design test bench.

An example of the input data format is shown in the following table. The hexadecimal samples are applied directly to the TDATA input bus of the RFSoC DFE FFT IP in the design. The header row in the table is for explanatory purposes only and does not form part of the input file. The file format is not sensitive to case or whitespace, except that there must be a newline after each sample.

Table 1. Example: Input Data Format
I (hex) Q (hex) I (decimal) Q (decimal)
2D70 1B32 0.35498046875000 0.21246337890625
A534 FCE3 -0.70935058593750 -0.02432250976562
C4B8 2E6A -0.46313476562500 0.36260986328125
3C2C 8548 0.47009277343750 -0.95874023437500

An example of the output data format is shown below. Note that the hexadecimal data in the file is sign-extended to 32-bits. The MSBs of the data are ignored for the purposes of comparison with the core output.

Table 2. Example: Output Data Format
I (hex) Q (hex) I (decimal) Q (decimal)
0009DDF7 00026439 0.03854316473007 0.00934177637100
00007BFD 0004F13E 0.00189191102982 0.01930606365204
FFFB9437 FFFDABE4 -0.01726967096329 -0.00909590721130
FFFF013B 0008878D -0.00388747453690 0.03331834077835