C Model Interface - 1.0 English

RFSoC DFE Fast Fourier Transform LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG390)

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1.0 English

The API of the C model is defined in the header file xdfe_fft_v1_0_bitacc_cmodel.h. This interface consists of data structures and functions as described in the following sections.

To use the C model:

  1. Create a configuration structure and initialize the values within it according to your application.
  2. Use this configuration structure to create an instance of the model.
  3. Once a model instance is successfully created, allocate and initialize arrays for input and output data and call the 'do'-function of the model to process FFT blocks.
  4. When finished, destroy the model instance.

An example C++ file called run_bitacc_cmodel.c is included in the ZIP file. This demonstrates how to call the FFT C model. Refer to this file for examples of using the interface described as following.