QDMA PF Address Register Space - 3.4 English

Versal Adaptive SoC CPM DMA and Bridge Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG347)

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3.4 English

All the physical function (PF) registers are listed in the cpm5-qdma-v4-0-pf-registers.csv available in the register map files.

Table 1. QDMA PF Address Register Space
Register Name Base (Hex) Byte Size (Dec) Register List and Details
QDMA_CSR 0x0000 8192 QDMA Configuration Space Register (CSR) found in cpm5-qdma-v4-0-pf-registers.csv.
QDMA_TRQ_SEL_QUEUE_PF 0x18000 32768 Also found in QDMA_TRQ_SEL_QUEUE_PF (0x18000).
QDMA_PF_MAILBOX 0x42400 16384 Also found in QDMA_PF_MAILBOX (0x42400).
QDMA_TRQ_MSIX 0x50000 262144 Also found in QDMA_TRQ_MSIX (0x50000).
QDMA_TRQ_MSIX_PBA 0x54000 65536 MSIX PBA entries