AXI4-Stream H2C Interface - 3.4 English

Versal Adaptive SoC CPM DMA and Bridge Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG347)

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3.4 English
Table 1. AXI4-Stream H2C Interface Descriptions
Port Name I/O Description


O Data output for H2C AXI4-Stream.

[AXI_DATA_WIDTH/8-1 : 0]


Odd parity calculated bit-per-byte over dma0_m_axis_h2c_tdata.

dma0_m_axis_h2c_dpar[0] is parity calculated over dma0_m_axis_h2c_tdata[7:0].

dma0_m_axis_h2c_dpar[1] is parity calculated over dma0_m_axis_h2c_tdata[15:8], and so on.

dma0_m_axis_h2c_tuser_qid[10:0] O Queue ID
dma0_m_axis_h2c_tuser_port_id[2:0] O Port ID
dma0_m_axis_h2c_err O If set, indicates the packet has an error. The error could be coming from the PCIe, or the QDMA might have encountered a double bit error.
dma0_m_axis_h2c_mdata[31:0] O Metadata

In internal mode, QDMA passes the lower 32 bits of the H2C AXI4-Stream descriptor on this field.

dma0_m_axis_h2c_mty[5:0] O The number of bytes that are invalid on the last beat of the transaction. This field is 0 for a 64B transfer.
dma0_m_axis_h2c_zero_byte O When set, it indicates that the current beat is an empty beat (zero bytes are being transferred).
dma0_m_axis_h2c_tvalid O Valid
dma0_m_axis_h2c_tlast O Indicates that this is the last cycle of the packet transfer.
dma0_m_axis_h2c_tready I Ready