Status Signals Interface Ports - 1.0 English

Versal Adaptive SoC PHY for PCI Express LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG345)

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1.0 English
Table 1. Status Signals
Name Width Direction Clock Domain Description
phy_rxvalid 1 Output pclk Indicates symbol lock and valid data on rxdata when logic High. This signal must be ignored during reset and rate change Gen1 and Gen2 only. Per-lane.
phy_phystatus 1 Output pclk /Asynchronous Used to communicate completion of several PIPE operations including reset, receiver detection, power management, and rate change. Except for reset, this signal indicates done when asserted for one pclk cycle. This signal is held High and asynchronous during reset. In error situations, such as PHY not responding with PHYSTATUS, the MAC should perform the necessary error recovery. Per-lane.
phy_phystatus_rst 1 Output pclk /Asynchronous Similar to phystatus, except this port is used to communicate completion of reset only. This signal is HIGH immediately upon reset. After the PHY and GT resets are complete,this signal transitions from High to Low.
phy_rxelecidle 1 Output Asynchronous RXELECIDLE = High indicates RX electrical idle detected. Gen1 and Gen2 only. Per-lane.
phy_rxstatus[2:0] 3 Output pclk Encodes RX status and error codes for the RX data. Per-lane.
  • 000b: Received data OK
  • 001b: 1 SKP added
  • 010b: 1 SKP removed
  • 011b: Receiver detected
  • 100b: 8b/10b (Gen1/Gen2) or 128b/130b (Gen3 and above) decode error
  • 101b: Elastic buffer overflow
  • 110b: Elastic buffer underflow
  • 111b: Receive disparity error (Gen1/Gen2)
phy_ready 1 Output Asynchronous Indicates Master Lane PHY GT is ready.