XDMA Global Ports - 2.0 English

Versal Adaptive SoC DMA and Bridge Subsystem for PCI Express Product Guide (PG344)

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2.0 English
Table 1. Top-Level Interface Signals
Signal Name Direction Description
axi_aclk O PCIe derived clock output for m_axi* and s_axi* interfaces. axi_aclk is a derived clock from the TXOUTCLK pin from the GT block; it is not expected to run continuously while axi_aresetn is asserted.
axi_aresetn O AXI reset signal synchronous with the clock provided on the axi_aclk output. This reset should drive all corresponding AXI Interconnect aresetn signals.
user_lnk_up_sd I Active-High Identifies that the PCI Express core is linked up with a host device. This signal is from the integrated block for PCIe.
phy_rdy_out_sd I Active-High signal that indicates when Phy is ready. This signal is from the Phy block.
user_clk_sd I User clock from the PCIe block. All of the QDMA blocks use this clock
user_reset_sd I Active-High user reset signals from the PCIe block.