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DPUCZDX8G for Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs Product Guide (PG338)

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4.1 English
The weights, bias, and intermediate feature maps are buffered in the on-chip memory. The on-chip memory consists of RAM which can be instantiated as block RAM and UltraRAM. The RAM Usage option determines the total amount of on-chip memory used in different DPUCZDX8G architectures, and the setting is for all the DPUCZDX8G cores in the DPUCZDX8G IP. High RAM Usage means that the on-chip memory block will be larger, allowing the DPUCZDX8G more flexibility in handling the intermediate data. High RAM Usage implies higher performance in each DPUCZDX8G core. The number of BRAM36K blocks used in different architectures for low and high RAM Usage is illustrated in the following table.
Note: The DPUCZDX8G instruction set for different options of RAM Usage is different. When the RAM Usage option is modified, the DPUCZDX8G instructions file should be regenerated by recompiling the neural network. The following results are based on a DPUCZDX8G with depthwise convolution.
Table 1. Number of BRAM36K Blocks in Different Architectures for Each DPUCZDX8G Core
DPUCZDX8G Architecture Low RAM Usage High RAM Usage
B512 72 88
B800 90 108
B1024 104 136
B1152 121 143
B1600 126 162
B2304 165 209
B3136 208 260
B4096 255 315